Watch: Gabrielle Union: ‘Hollywood Is Very Segregated’

I’ll take “What We Already Know” for $1,000, Alex (as in Trebek, as in Jeopardy). It’s no secret that Hollywood carries a (tiki) torch for racism and that when movies feature a predominantly black cast, they’re considered “black movies,” and budgets and expectations are lower. Superstar actress Gabrielle Union stopped…

Watch: Angela Rye Makes Power Moves at The Root 100 Gala

“I was being Taylor Swift and you just Kanye’d me,” Angela Rye said, scolding her The Root 100 gala co-host, Extra’s A.J. Calloway. Only someone as strong-willed as Rye could use “Kanye” as a verb. But what else do you do when you’re having your shining moment and A.J. Calloway comes up, attempting to take that shine?

Justice League Is Trash and a Desperate Money Grab, but You’re Still Going to See It

The universe was giving me every sign that Justice League was going to be trash. I asked four friends, who usually love going to the movies, to go to the Justice League screening and the collective answers were “I’ve got Bible study,” “I’m mentoring” and “I’m sleeping,” until finally someone said, “I guess, since the…