There’s a Cop Who Calls Himself the ‘Riot King’ of St. Louis and His Behavior Is Scarier Than His Name

He uses the hashtag #ProtestSeason like it’s a period set aside for hunting demonstrators as if they were deer. The Riverfront Times calls him the “police department’s protest hammer.” He tagged a picture of himself on a Facebook post for his side business with #RiotKing—a protester-given nickname that describes his…

Hazel-E and Rose Burgandy of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Make Homophobic Comments in Social Media Beef With Jess Hilarious

Let me start this by saying I don’t watch Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. The Atlanta and New York shows are the only ones I’ve been into, and I’m at least a season behind on each of those. I only know about the people on the Hollywood show because I see tweets about them every week, so Hazel-E is a mystery to me.

Dungeons & Dragons Stumbles With Its Revision Of The Game's Major Black Culture

For nearly a decade, there hasn’t been more than a vestige of a black society in the official world of Dungeons & Dragons. There have been black people, but no black civilizations except for a relatively small group of survivors of a catastrophe and locals living under colonists’ control. Back in 2008, D&D’s…