Devin Nunes Is Trash, the Memo Is Garbage and the Entire Trump Administration Is Basura, Explained

“Memo-gate” might be one of dumbest scandals coming out of this administration, which, let’s face it, has never read on grade level. To my understanding, because I’ve refused to follow this closely, Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who has been trash since the investigation into Donald…

Omarosa May Have Secretly Recorded Conversations in the White House. If True, This Would Be Peak Omarosa

If the rumors that former White House worker (or President Donald Trump’s personal Diet Coke getter) Omarosa Manigault Newman secretly recorded private conversations she had during her short White House stay, then I hate to say this—it actually pains me to say this—but Omarosa might be our only hope to bring down the…


Trump Believes That Democrats and Republicans Will Work Together to Craft New Health Care Plan. He’s Also an Idiot

Maybe the Ghost of Christmas Past came to visit President Donald Trump to show him what a xenophobic, racist asshole he’s been since birth. And maybe that miserly, cynical fuck stick has had a change of heart, and by “change of heart” I mean an angioplasty of his senses to open them up to reason and sound thinking.