Mandy told The Daily Beast his firsthand account, echoing much of what Nia explained in her video, though he told other news organizations it wasn’t Nia’s story to tell. Mandy said as soon as the party walked in, his managers pulled him to side, advising him to let them know if they give him any trouble.

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Mandy said that he grabbed the guest’s water, but the man kept rushing to finish his drink to order another, as if he was challenging the waiter, consistently calling him “boy,” and never making eye contact. He said the rest of the party joined in on the older man’s tactics, laughing and snickering throughout. Mandy said he spent 20 minutes just on getting drinks.

Mandy, a father of four, said his heart was broken when a 5-year-old child with the group was directed to not speak to him while he served the table.

“He’s laughing, he’s engaging with me,” Mandy explained. “Then his mom chastises him in front of me, and she’s like, ‘You don’t need to talk. He has a job to do. He needs to concentrate.’”

“They can only concentrate on one thing at a time,” the older man allegedly added.


Well, that certainly sounds like more than trouble to me. How much racist taunting can one person take until they can’t handle it anymore? Mandy said at some point, he stepped outside and broke down crying.

Despite their constant complaining, N-word shouting and overall lack of decorum, Mandy said he still felt obligated to be on his best behavior - a feeling we know all too well. No matter the disrespect, you have to put on your best face just to avoid fitting the stereotype or slipping out of professionalism.


Nia said in another video, the attention on Mandy’s story lead to him raising $1,000 in donations for tips. But for Mandy, it’s not about the money. He told The Daily Beast he wants find a way for Black employees to avoid having the same experience he did.