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Mary and her mother, Kate Welborn, 44, are challenging the punishment and demanding the district apologize. Mary’s lawyer, Natalie Hull, said that the sophomore was essentially acting as a whistleblower by collecting evidence of an authority figure’s wrongdoing and that punishing her will have a “chilling effect” on students inclined to do so in the future.

Dan Shelley, president and CEO of the Radio Television Digital News Association, who grew up attending Springfield public schools, soon sent a letter to Superintendent Grenita Lathan expressing “serious concerns” the association has about Mary’s punishment. Mary was exercising her First Amendment right when she started recording — to hold a public official in a position of power to account, no less, according to Shelley.

The irony is that Mr. Math Class did end up losing his job, according to an announcement from Springfield Public Schools via KY3 News. Though, the video sparked a conversation between online users about teachers being allowed to say the word in the “appropriate context.”

The only time I’ve heard the n-word in the classroom was by two Black women instructors both teaching Black history/culture classes. This teacher’s “if white people can’t say it, why can Black people say it?” rant was no lesson.