In the second clip, Taylor starts to film a Black woman driving a car as he says, “Look at that nigger trying to pull out in front of me, right here.”


He then turns the camera toward a tree and says, “Do you see that tree, right there? Ro will hang you from that tree. Yeah!”

In the third and final clip, Taylor can be seen showing off items in his hotel room, including a University of Georgia jacket laying on his bed, and a Glock on his bedside table.


He then picks up the room phone and says, “Room service. I need y’all niggers to bring me some chicken wings, two hoes. A redbone and a white girl. Yeah, I want the white girl. Ro want to try the redbone…. Ro. …He probably throw her out the window when he done with her.”

He ends the video by saying, “Atlanta, Atlanta. Nigger town.”

Whew, this Coach Taylor has some nerve. He was pretty comfortable throwing the N-word around in these videos. Hopefully, these clips serve as a clear indication that he should never work with another student-athlete a day in his life.