My head already exploded from sitting through all nine minutes of this mess, so I’ll save you the aggravation. Walker says, among other things, that the Biden Administration “decided that they were going to give up our energy,” to whom and how and for what, he doesn’t specify, and that “there’s no food on the shelf”—which is odd because I definitely went to Whole Foods this weekend and grabbed some grapes and Chilean sea bass on sale. I’m not sure where Walker shops, but he can definitely afford to go to places that keep food in stock.

He continued: “This is one of the most environmental drilling countries in the world but yet we’re walking on all the resources we have under our feet and we won’t say, ‘Hey, guys, we gotta come out of this.”



It’d be easy to laugh at that except for the fact that right now, Walker is actually polling ahead of every other candidate in Georgia’s GOP Senate primary, and ahead of Warnock in a hypothetical general election contest that could tip the balance of power in the evenly divided Senate. There’s no telling what certain Georgia voters see in Walker, a man who won’t even tell the easily-findable truth that he didn’t actually graduate from UGA and also swears he knows the cure for the ‘Rona, but I have my suspicions about why that’s more palatable to folks who also voted for Marjorie Taylor Greene than an incumbent who currently pastors the church once led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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