How Gabrielle Union Turned Huge Success Into Multimillion-Dollar Brands and Activism

Union opened up about how her extra responsibilities can make it difficult for the Bring It On actress to allow herself time away from working.


“It’s weird to say I’m head of household because in this household, we split everything 50/50,” she said. “But in the other households that each of us have to support, there’s always the gorilla on your back that is like, ‘You gotta work. You wanna sleep in? You know, somebody might not eat.’ It’s hard to let that go. I’m working on that.”

It’s a fascinating, wide-ranging interview where the actress/producer discusses her long successful career. She notes how she decided to take acting lessons early on so she could be seen as more than a pretty face. She also explained how she now focuses on projects that have meaning for her, as she’s not interested in putting up with Hollywood “bullshit.”

“I choose to center my peace and my self worth now and I’m going to create things and do things my way,” she said.

Up next, Union will star in and produce the Netflix rom-com The Perfect Find, which is scheduled for release June 23. She also has the two-part documentary My Journey to 50, which chronicles her family’s trip to Africa to celebrate her 50th birthday. It premieres on BET+ on June 15.