Bring It On - Trailer

This is so ridiculous, but also, so Hollywood. You could’ve just given the Clovers a few extra scenes. Are you telling me that they couldn’t cut the story of Kirsten Dunst’s Torrance and her stupid boyfriend Aaron in favor of more scenes with the Clovers? Union explained that none of the cast expected the film to have the enduring popularity that it enjoys. In fact, for many of them, Bring It On was their second choice.

Bring It On was a movie we all did, or some of us did, because we didn’t get other movies. The movies we really thought were going to propel us through the stratosphere,” Union said. “And I remember Kirsten had really wanted Save the Last Dance.”

The Inspection star still loves the movie, because it represents “Badass young Black girls, who refuse to back down and take shit,” something she’ll always be excited about.