Trump Bends the Knee to Pelosi, Temporarily Ends Shutdown He Created

A protester dressed as President Donald Trump holds a placard stating ‘PRISON WALL AND TRUMP CRIMES FALL’ while demonstrating with Philadelphia Airport TSA and airport workers outside the Philadelphia International Airport on January 25, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The government shutdown, now lasting 35 days, is the longest in United States history, affecting about 800,000 federal employees.
Photo: Mark Makela (Getty Images)

The president of people who support the Covington Catholic crew proved that his dealmaking abilities were limited to threats and intimidation and has effectively bent the knee to Nancy Pelosi and agreed to temporarily reopen the government for three weeks as Congress continues to negotiate border security funding.

During a speech from the White House Rose Garden, Trump announced that he would sign a bill that would reopen the government until Feb. 15 and will continue to push for his funding for the wall that only he wants.


The president also noted that he could have gone nuclear and declared the need for a border wall as a national emergency, but he didn’t want to use that option and he wants that to be nationally recognized. He also thanked the federal workers who’ve missed paychecks for their support (although the many people he keeps mentioning most likely don’t exist).

The president also claimed that a deal had been reached but no one seems to know what the deal entails. Trump might be referring to a secret deal he’s made with himself since he started this shutdown some 35 days ago only to end it without one penny for his dumbass wall. And White House officials were reportedly cheering his announcement to end the government shutdown, which is hilarious considering that this might be the biggest defeat in the president’s abysmal presidency. The only wall that the president has built in the past 35 days is one between 800,000 federal workers and financial security for them and their families.

In whatever agreement the president of people who support the UFC has reached, his announcement to reopen the government has effectively ended the longest government shutdown in American history. The reopening comes amid reports that the FAA was forced to halt flights at some major airports due to staff shortages created by Trump’s hostage negotiations over funding for his wall.

What the president effectively admitted by conceding to what looks a lot like the Democratic proposal is that he overplayed his hand by shutting down the government in the first place. He essentially created a hostage situation that held some 800,000 federal workers livelihood over a barrel while he fought for funding to stop the imaginary invasion of drug smuggling murders along the southern border.


During his announcement, the president also went on a tangent about human trafficking and women being bound with tape over their mouths getting smuggled into the United States, but that was the MAGA-hat rabble rousing speech to excite his base, so I stopped listening.

So for three weeks, those whose jobs were affected because the president crossed his arms and refused to eat his veggies can rest assured that they will be allowed to work, but with the president and Democrats being so far apart there are no guarantees that once the three weeks are up, the government won’t be shutdown again.


Somewhere, Fancy Pelosi is being fitted for her new shades so she can stunt on these GOPers when she goes to give her speech about how she Debo’d the president and punk’d him into opening the government.

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