I know that’s right! It’s about time the world saw arguably the two sexiest women in Hollywood and pop culture collab. And I mean that on both this front and the music front. It’s 2022 for crying out loud. Why haven’t we heard them together on a song or joint project? I understand them being “competition” since anything they do music-wise causes people to go into a frenzy, but come on now. It’s beyond time to make this happen. Somebody get Blue Ivy on the phone so she can give her stamp of approval! And while you’re at it, go ahead and get Sir and Rumi’s signatures for good measure.

However, while this thought of Rih and Bey joining forces for a fashion show or otherwise is hella exciting, it may be a long ways off still considering the fact that both artists have been rumored to be going on tour next year. Surely, they could both work this into their plans, no? Here’s hoping they can.

Come on ladies, do it for the culture. We need this and you both know it!