Meet Tish James, the Black Woman Standing up to Trump and All His Racist Policies

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New York Attorney General Letitia “Tish” James is not here for any of Donald Trump’s fuckshit. Not only is she New York’s top law enforcement officer but she has no problem using every ounce of her authority to go after Trump and his possibly nefarious dealings. As it stands, Tish James has probed the Trump Organization’s banking and financial records to get to the bottom of his real estate empire and other business affairs. Oh, and she’s even told the president not to subtweet her and that if he’s coming for Tish James, to make sure he says her name.


So on Tuesday, the obstructer of fuckbois, first of her name, and top cop of New York filed a lawsuit to “block the Trump administration from making it nearly impossible for immigrants to obtain green cards if they’ve ever relied on welfare” calling the policy “a clear violation of our laws and our values,” the New York Daily News reports.

From the News:

The suit—which was filed jointly in Manhattan federal court with the city’s law department and the attorneys general for Connecticut and Vermont— asks a judge to block the administration’s proposed expansion of the so-called “public charge” rule, claiming it’s rooted in racial animus and flies in the face of long-held immigration laws.

“The Trump administration’s thinly veiled efforts to only allow those who meet their narrow ethnic, racial and economic criteria to enter our nation is a clear violation of our laws and our values,” James said in a statement viewed by the Daily News.

“Quite simply, under this rule, more children will go hungry, more families will go without medical care and more people will be living in the shadows and on the streets. We cannot and we will not let that happen.”


On Aug. 12, President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security entered the rule that would require immigrants seeking permanent status to prove they won’t depend on government resources into the Federal Register. Unless the rule is blocked by a court, it would go into effect in October.

The administration would essentially side-eye any immigrants who’ve used public assistance programs like Medicaid; even food stamps could violate the “public charge” offense and possible disqualify them for permanent status, the Daily News reports.


A recent study has already found immigrants dropping public assistance in hopes that losing benefits will prevent them from being targeted by the government.

Tish James’ lawsuit charges “that the administration’s fear-inducing public charge overhaul breaks with ‘a century’s worth of case law’ holding that immigrants who rely on non-cash benefits can’t be considered public charges since they aren’t primarily dependent on the government,” the Daily News reports.


Tish claims the proposed rule is unconstitutional and targets “immigrants of color, immigrants with disabilities, and immigrants with limited resources at the time of their visa or green card application.”

Meet Tish James. Dragonslayer.



I have no doubt she could slay dragons, but just because the creature she’s currently slaying is orange, hoards wealth, has the manners of a cave dweller, and blows hot air out of its mouth does NOT mean it’s a dragon.