But wait, Kanye even doubled down on his praise of the Nazi leader later on in the show.


While these clips are appalling to watch, we shouldn’t be surprised. In October, Van Lathan claimed on his podcast, Higher Learning, that Ye said he “loved” Adolf Hitler during his infamous 2018 interview with TMZ.

We should’ve believed Lathan when he said that then.

What’s even more disgusting about this interview is that he decided to go on InfoWars, with Alex Jones of all people. If you didn’t know, Jones is the guy who was hit with a $1 billion verdict for lying about the validity of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.


For years, Jones used his InfoWars platform to torment survivors of the school shooting and claimed that the entire incident was a hoax made up to help gun control advocates strip away Second Amendment rights.

Why would you go on a show with this idiot, Kanye? Ahhh I know why, because you’re an idiot yourself.


But I’m not shocked. In September, Kanye West with a jump shot shared a 2002 InfoWars video where Jones spoke about secret societies and the “New World Order.”

We should’ve just listened to what Zack Fox tweeted in 2018, in which he said “highly recommend getting off the Kanye train before it inevitably reaches the ‘Hitler was a good guy’ stop.” Unfortunately, many didn’t, and now we have to endure more of Kanye’s blather about one of history’s worst humans.