What's That Snowflake? Fox News Anchor Blasts Trump: 'Bullying Journalists Is Not Presidential'

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Ohhhhhhh, now you’ve got something to say?

Every since the President Trump stole the White House with the help of Russian bots and Facebook, he’s been attacking journalists. He’s stated several times that journalists are the enemy of the people and consistently calls news that is unflattering or critical of his draconian policies or his rambling racist ways “fake news.”


But, when he’s not playing, “You hang up first” with Vladimir Putin, he’s tickling toes with Fox News. Make no mistake, Fox News is bae. Fox News has Trump’s iPhone code. Fox News has their conditioner in Trump’s shower. Fox News changed their status on Facebook to “in a relationship.”

That was until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi straight punked Trump during the government shutdown. Pelosi literally gave up nothing during the 35-day shutdown that proved to be a complete waste of time as Trump got no money for his dumbass wall that no one wants and literally had to admit in front of his base that he lost and that he’d won nothing and that he was opening up the government.

Fox News then became critical of the president because he went out like a bad knee, and the president couldn’t take it.

On Sunday, the president tweeted: “Never thought I’d say this but I think [Roberts] and [Turner] @FoxNews have even less understanding of the Wall negotiations than the folks at FAKE NEWS CNN & NBC!”

Julie Banderas, who frequently appears on Fox News’ Outnumbered, slammed Trump in a series of tweets Monday, for “bullying” and “insulting” her fellow journalists.


It’s funny that almost two years into this Ford Monarch-ass presidency, the Canal Street Chanel bag of journalism now has something to say about the president’s treatment of the press.


From HuffPost:

In November, the White House was forced to restore press credentials for CNN’s Jim Acosta after it stripped him of his pass following a heated exchange with Trump during a press conference.

The president tweeted earlier this month that he had told White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders “not to bother” with press briefings, claiming without evidence that reporters often cover her “rudely” and “inaccurately.”


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, aka Suckabee, did give her first press briefing in 41 days and while she didn’t say much, she did effectively blame the Democrats for the shutdown, so it’s good to see that things are back to normal.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


Not Enough Day Drinking

First they came for MSNBC and I did nothing because the libs deserved it.

Then they came for CNN and I did nothing because I don’t work at CNN

Then they came for the Washington Post and I did nothing because I don’t read.

Then they came for Fox News and no one was left to give a shit.