Definitive Proof That Trump Is Losing His Base: Now He’s Beefing With Fox News

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First, the Fat Boys break up, then the Fugees and now it looks like the love affair between Donald Trump and Fox News might be coming to an unceremonious end.


The president of people who like foam designs on the top of their overpriced coffee did the unthinkable Sunday when he dragged a pair of Fox News reporters on the tweet streets.

Well, at least he tried to, as Trump attempted to lash out at Fox News’ Gillian Turner; but Trump is a rage-tweeter who doesn’t have time for spell check, and he initially tagged a random woman named Jillian Turner who didn’t know why the fuck the president of people who love playing giant Jenga was @’ing her.

Someone must’ve given Trump the heads up that he totally just bullied someone named Jillian Turner for no reason because he quickly deleted the tweet and sent this:

The Hill notes that Trump was likely referring to a Marist poll, “published in partnership with PBS and NPR, [which] found that 50 percent of Latino adults approve of Trump’s job as president, up from 31 percent in December. The survey also found that just 39 percent of adults approved of Trump’s job performance.”

I don’t know anything about this Marist poll but it feels racist and untrue. It might be beneficial for readers to know that I generally call things racist and untrue when I don’t know anything about them. If by small chance, these numbers are true, then I need to round up this 50 percent of Latino adults who approve of Trump’s presidency and have them talk with the 53 percent of white women who voted for Trump to decide who really let Nas down.


No one knows exactly what the Fox News hosts said specifically that triggered Trump, but surely it had something to do with the president of Toyota Prius owners allowing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to donkey punch him in the face and dog walk him all over the White House lawn over this medieval border wall that only he and racists want.

Since Friday, Trump has become the laughingstock of the Republican Party for touting during his candidacy that he was an expert dealmaker; a savant at making deals and Svengali at brokering, only to overplay his hand, shut down the government for 35 days to trap all of the demons inside him when he caved.


In Spades terms: Trump is the partner that looks at his hand sees an ace of diamonds, an ace of clubs and a four of spades and tells you he’s good for six books.

And everyone hates that Spades partner. Everyone.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



Trump probably disrespects his base more than any other group. To him they are a bunch of rubes who believe anything he tells them and are just ripe for a con job. He is like a telemarketer who loves old people.

I keep hoping for a hot mic where he is overheard telling someone exactly what he thinks of them.