Trump Campaign Dumps Voter Fraud Hotline After Deluge of Prank Calls, Still Refuses To Dump Campaign

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Photo: Mark Makela (Getty Images)

Despite the 2020 presidential election being decisively called for President-elect Joe Biden, who this week cemented his victory with wins in Georgia and Arizona, the Trump campaign is still working its grift to hold onto power.


As part of its bid to allege widespread voter fraud—despite there being absolutely no evidence of this—the Trump campaign set up a “voter fraud” hotline last week. Now that hotline has been shut down, reports NBC News.

From NBC:

The Trump campaign has closed down its “voter fraud” hotline after about a week in operation, a campaign official confirmed to NBC News.

The campaign is now directing people to an already-existing website to submit any claims.

A main reason for the switch? The phone line was being flooded with prank calls. The campaign had dedicated a conference room of staffers to the hotline effort in the days after the election.

A report from Time earlier this week highlights much of the evidence of voter fraud that the Trump hotline was receiving: people recording themselves on social media calling into the number with jokes about the Hamburgler, playing the losing horn from the Price is Right, and basically providing the baseless crap that the campaign was soliciting.

Determined to hold onto the idea that it is impossible that 77 million Americans and counting to vote would vote against Trump as president, the campaign initially responded by creating a new hotline number for voter fraud complaints:

Eric Trump also decided to somehow blame the DNC for spamming the campaign’s silly line, again with no evidence, rather than acknowledging the power of TikTok users to shut down the campaign’s best laid plans (which isn’t saying much about the plans).


Hopefully the retreat from the fraud hotline foolishness signals a soon-coming retreat from this hellishly long election, so we can all move on. At a press conference held at the White House on Friday, Trump did some retreating himself—walking away and refusing to answer questions about when he will admit that he lost the election:


Now if he would only hurry and walk himself out of the people’s house.



I mean the funniest thing was people filming themselves calling the hotline, pranking them & hearing them hang up. I called and warned them about this group in Philadelphia. They were named the Rza, The Gza, Old Dirty Bastard, U-God, Inspector Deck & The Method Man. I said they were called the Wu-Tang Clan. This woman was taking down the information and thanking me. Unreal I thought she would get the joke but no she really believed me. I offered her a link to their website. My god these people are pathetic