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Donald Trump has a lot in common with the drug culture of Baltimore that popularized the “stop snitching” movement. The way D. Trump sees it, if he’s your friend, you can’t be out here telling people the truth about who he actually is.

In the newest episode of David Axelrod’s podcast, “The Axe Files” CNN president Jeff Zucker broke down the reasons he believes that the president hates his network. Zucker explained that he and Trump were once friends and that Trump believed the friendship meant that his network would protect his presidency.


Zucker commented to HuffPost:

We’ve had this long, 20-plus year relationship, that for a long time was quite strong. And, you know, Donald Trump did not understand, in the end, that just because we were friends didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be subjected to the proper scrutiny. He thought CNN should give him a pass because we were friends. He thought CNN should be like Fox News and just give him glowing coverage all the time.

We’ve seen Trump display this “friends lie for friends” mentality before. His love affair with former U.S. Attorney General and antebellum vampire bat Jeff Sessions disintegrated because Sessions refused to protect the president and recused himself from the Mueller investigation.

Trump turned on Michael Cohen after his former fixer was ensnared in an FBI investigation. The president reportedly asked James Comey for a loyalty oath and got rid of acting AG Sally Yates when she refused to defend his travel ban. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was relieved of his duties after reportedly stating, quite factually, that Trump was “a fucking moron.”


If you aren’t willing to lie for Trump, he has no use for you. He’s the type of friend who borrows $20 and gets mad when you ask for it back.

Zucker noted that Trump “should get the coverage that is appropriate and that he deserves” but that he would not “get anything just because we’re friends.”


“So I think that he does hold that against me and CNN,” he added.

Of course he does, because the president of the USA is petty AF.

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