Travis Reinking Is What Happens When Black People Are ‘Criminals’ and White People Are Allowed to Be Invisible

A few months ago, during a conversation on Facebook about one of the many mass shootings committed by a white man (I forget which one), the homie Sai Grundy wrote that (paraphrasing) one of the byproducts of the criminalization of blackness is that white people are often able to elude suspicion by virtue of their…

Fox News Host Looks for the ‘Positive’ in Texas Shooting, Insinuates Church Is the Best Place to Be Shot

I’m not sure if Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt was attempting to comfort the grieving families of those who lost loved ones in the Texas church massacre over the weekend, or if she were extolling her own faith and preferences, or if she just, as a matter of fact, enjoys shoving her whole entire foot down her mouth.