Marshawn Lynch Looked Like a State Farm Agent in High School, and the Internet Got Jokes

Looks like Marshawn Lynch wasn’t always the stone-faced, strong, running back who’s just here so he won’t get fined. In high school, Marshawn Lynch looked like the black guy on a Canadian teen show that was partly sponsored by the school district to teach kids how to say no to drugs and not have sex before marriage.

When a Deadbeat Dad Attacks a College Grad: Joe Walsh Blew His Racist Dog Whistle on Marshawn Lynch and Twitter Wasn’t Having It

There are some people who become assholes over time, and then there are some people who are just born this way. Joe Walsh was born this way; it’s his gift. I imagine baby Joe Walsh, like an asshole idiot savant, chastising his nanny over the consistency of his breast milk. I imagine teen Joe Walsh leading the charge…