Here are a few facts:

Studies show that masks protect against the spread of COVID-19. There are at least 49 pieces of research that confirm this fact. Vaccines work as well, as the research shows—including against the variant. And there is no worry about lockdowns because White House press secretary Jen Psaki literally said during a Friday press conference that ‘We’re not going to lock down our economy.”


Translation: capitalism must live on, even if hundreds of thousands of people have died and will likely die.

Sen. Rand is bitching and moaning over nothing. And when he calls the CDC anti-science, again, that is not based in fact. Masks work. New York City is mandating vaccines for indoor activities and that is the right thing to do, based on all of the links throughout this post. As for returning to work, bosses want employees to return to work, even though the science isn’t enthusiastic about that. What is also interesting about Rand’s rant is that he is very willing to defund agencies that are truly trying to preserve life because he doesn’t care about his own—or ours. Paul doesn’t care about liberty. He just cares about himself and owning the libs.


The reality is that we aren’t going to get out of this pandemic anytime soon because economics is being prioritized over health. In the case of Paul, his whiteness is more important than public health. If he had it his way, we’d all die fighting for white liberty that does nothing for anyone but satisfy his own ego.