The movement is not on its last legs.

Occupy Oakland protesters shut down the California city's ports yesterday as similar protests went on in Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, Ore., at the same time.

The protests, which lasted throughout the night, cost hundreds of port workers wages and shifts. Port of Oakland Executive Director Omar Benjamin believes the protesters should direct their anger toward something more solution oriented.

"They should be looking for real solutions to the problems plaguing our economy," Benjamin told CNN. "This is only hurting the 99 percent."

But the move to shut down the ports was a strategic one. As the city of Oakland's coffers continue to run dry, the ports don't; and all the funds brought in by these ports don't trickle down to the city to help improve any type of social services for Oakland residents.


The Oakland port is the fifth largest in the nation, with more than $27 billion in annual revenue.

The evictions that have gone on across the country have stalled many movements, including Oakland's, but these protests may have been the shot in the arm the Occupy movement needed to get back on its feet.

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