Grandmother Arrested After Leaving Baby in Car to Watch Movie

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Felicia Green
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Felicia Green won't be winning any grandmother-of-the-year awards if reports that she left her 5-month-old grandchild in a locked car while she went to the movies turn out to be true. 

According to KLTV, Green, 49, was arrested last week and faces "child-endangerment charges" after she reportedly left her granddaughter strapped into a car seat inside the car for at least an hour while she checked out a movie at the Carmike Cinema theaters in Tyler, Texas.


Green, who posted $5,000 bail shortly after her arrest, has not spoken about the incident.

"If conditions would have been the middle of the day during the heat and the child left that long, the outcome wouldn't have been good," Tyler Police Department Public Information Officer Don Martin told KYTX.

According to KLTV, police responded to calls of a child being locked in an unattended car. The Tyler Fire Department was called and had to pry the door open to free the child from the car. Movie-theater workers had begun calling out the license plate number to try to find the owner of the car when Green identified herself as the owner. Green was promptly arrested and her granddaughter was given to a family member, the news station reports.

Police officials say Green admitted to leaving the child in the car because her granddaughter was sleeping once they arrived. But a person claiming to be a family member of Green's told the news station that Green arrived at the movie theater and went into a diabetic episode and was inside the movie theater looking for help.     


Read more at KLTV and KYTX.

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