Forever First Lady Michelle Obama Reveals Family Christmas Card, Dog Paws Included

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama in the holiday spirit and sharing best wishes.
Photo: Andrew Harnik (AP)

Being a class act who’s all about the family is so “becoming” to her.

Forever First Lady Michelle Obama posted her family’s Christmas card and she didn’t leave any one out — not even the family’s beloved dogs.


The Obama family wished everyone a happy holiday season “filled with friends, family and joy.”

On Monday, Mrs. Obama shared 2019's family Christmas card on Instagram, sending everyone well wishes from the family of four — complete with the paw prints from their two dogs, Sunny and Bo.

Her note is decorated with a silver tree illustration and a life-like rendering of a red poppy.

She accompanied the photo of the new card with a hopeful message to her 35 million followers.


“Wishing you a holiday season filled with friends, family, and joy,’’ she wrote in the caption. “Thanks to so many of you for sharing your hopes and goals with me these past few weeks in the comments and on my Instagram Story.

“This type of positive and thoughtful engagement from my ‘Becoming family’ is a reminder that there are millions of us out there constantly striving to become more mindful, compassionate, and caring people. As we end this decade and begin the next one, let’s continue working to become even better — for ourselves and for each other.”

Obama dogs Sunny and Bo
Photo: Olivier Douliery-Pool (Getty Images)

She closed out the post with #IAmBecoming.

Obama’s memoir, titled “Becoming,” was published in 2018 and sold over 10

million copies, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The audio version of the book garnered a Grammy Award nomination for Best Spoken Word Album last month.


Maybe a greeting card line could be in the near future.

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