Anti-Deficit Republicans Want to Extend Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich

After blocking extensions of programs that "mainstream" economists said would create jobs and stimulate the economy, some Republicans want to make former President George W. Bush's tax cuts for the rich permanent. How could you forget the drama over adding to the deficit by extending temporary benefits to the unemployed and Medicaid for states? That move will add $100 billion to the deficit, while the Bush tax cuts for the rich will add about $1 trillion to the deficit. More than 40 of the so-called anti-deficit Republican Senators not only support the Bush tax cuts but also want to make them permanent. How you can deny benefits to the unemployed, which people have paid into, while supporting tax cuts for the rich? How these Republicans sleep at night, we don't know. How Democrats aren't able to communicate and capitalize on this hypocritical endeavor — we don't know that, either.

Read more at the Miami Herald.

—Nsenga K. Burton


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