Yes, 57-Year-Old Michael Jordan Will Still Bust Your Ass on the Basketball Court: 'Do You Guys Still Have YouTube?'

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OK, so maybe you weren’t good enough to ever make it to the league, but hoop heads know that there’s still plenty of action to be had at their local basketball court. And while pick up games are comprised of the usual cast of characters—the athletic freaks who never pass or the white boys who are money from deep—you might want to avoid the old head with the bad knees who never plays defense—because it might be Michael Jordan.


Some footage recently surfaced of the 57-year-old enjoying a pick-up game at an unspecified location, and in true Jordan form, His Airness is seen talking shit after embarrassing his opponent with a nasty fadeaway.

“Do you guys still have YouTube?” Jordan barks. “You better pull up Michael Jordan for real.”

After the clip started to circulate on social media, the jokes began to fly and NBA vet Jared Dudley caught a stray.

I don’t give a damn how old that dude is. Y’all better leave that man alone on the basketball court.


Thankfully, however, Jordan is spending this quarantine doing much more than just snatching souls in pickup games. On Thursday, reports that after pledging to donate $100 million over the next 10 years “to organizations working to ensure racial equality, social justice and greater access to education” within the Black community, His Airness has revealed exactly how some of that money will be allocated.

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted Peoples and Families Movement will receive $1 million each, while the Black Voters Matter Fund, which works to increase voting power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities, will receive $500,000.


“I’m all in with Jordan Brand, the Jordan Family and our partners, who share a commitment to address the historical inequality that continues to plague Black Communities in the U.S.,” Jordan said in a statement.

It might’ve taken him a bit longer than we would’ve liked for Jordan to become more active on social issues, but hopefully, he remains committed to making up for lost time.


I just need him to be a little less savage on the basketball court.

Damn, Mike.

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A few years back, Jordan was running a camp for top high school basketball prospects. One of the kids, OJ Mayo, thought he was the shit. He was the best high school basketball player in the country at the time.

That didn’t mean shit to Mike.