White Man in Missouri Caught on Video Tearing Down Black Lives Matter Flag From Someone Else's Home

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A video of a white man having a bitch fit and ripping a Black Lives Matter flag off a pole of someone else’s house went viral over the weekend.

According to KCTV, the flag was located outside of the home of a family in Parkville, Mo. The man went up to the flagpole, grabbed it, and threw it down on the family’s lawn before taking off. The Platte County Sheriff’s office told KCTV they are working to identify the man who was seen in the video.

You know, for a group of people who keep bitching about how immoral it is to destroy other people’s property, they sure do have a penchant for destroying other people’s property.


A spokesperson for the Platte County Sheriff’s office told KCTV they have received at least 16 reports of Trump signs being defaced and it’s unclear if this incident has any connection to those.

If it does, this would be both the most literal and most trash “both sides are bad,” take I’ve ever seen. The sheriff’s office added that no arrests have been made in any of the vandalism cases.

The video of the man defacing the flag was posted on a local Reddit thread where it has been viewed over a thousand times. KCTV showed the video to local residents who expressed disgust at what they saw.

“It’s just honestly really sad to see and I feel like the more we do stuff like that, the more division is going to happen and it’s just really disappointing,” Olivia Duscek told the outlet.


“Disgusted by that,” Kim Lawrence, a Black woman, told KCTV. She added the situation would be even worse if it was a neighbor who did that.

“That is the hardest thing right now, is that people you thought you knew, you don’t,” she said. “The neighbor you thought was okay, they’re showing you that they’re not and that hurts.”

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I hope there are five new BLM flags flying in that neighborhood by the end of the week.

The only reasonable response.