White House Opioid-Crisis Plan to Include Death Penalty for Drug Dealers: Report

President Donald Trump signs a bipartisan bill to stop the flow of opioids into the United States in the Oval Office of the White House on Jan. 10, 2018, in Washington, D.C.
Photo: Ron Sachs-Pool (Getty Images)

The White House is proving that when it comes to drugs destroying white communities, there are no limits to what it is willing to do to stop the threat, including death: to the dealers, not the users.

Because the White House is completely invested in solving the opioid epidemic, which disproportionately affects white people, it is willing to kill the people who sell them drugs.


According to Politico, Donald Trump is set to unveil a new plan that would call for the death penalty as an option when drug dealing and trafficking are “directly responsible for death” in cases involving opioids.

The plan, which is still being finalized, could be released early next week. But Trump has been gushing privately for weeks about using the death penalty in drug cases in which the user dies. Because Trump can’t stop campaigning, he’s even praised countries that execute drug lords, The Hill reports:

“If you go to Singapore, I said, ‘Mr. President, what happens with your drugs?’ ‘We don’t have a problem. We have a zero tolerance. We have a different type of people,’” Trump said in discussing Singapore’s policies, according to The Hill.

“They don’t play games,” he continued. “I said, ‘How are you doing on drugs?’ ‘No problem.’ I said, ‘What do you mean no problem?’ ‘We have a zero tolerance policy.’ ‘What does that mean?’ ‘That means if we catch a drug dealer, death penalty.’”

Politico notes that Trump’s plan is expected to include recommendations from his opioid commission and is a mixture of increased law enforcement measures and increased prevention and treatment, among other efforts.


Because the opioid addiction largely affects swaths of white communities, this divisive and openly racist-ass administration declared it an epidemic and a national public health emergency in October, which it last extended in January.

Sounds like the Trump administration plans to criminalize those who sell the drug while working on treatment plans for those who use the drug. We won’t know this for sure until the plan is released, but I assure you that there is nothing racist to see here. Nope, not one thing.

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