Pope partnered with Australian designer Dion Lee on the garment design, while James Flemons of Phlemuns created the exaggerated cotton broadcloth sack. A cotton bud boutonniere by Denim Tears ⁣completed the outfit, as well as giving a hint to its deeper meaning. Pope also brought the vision to life in a visual presentation for the gala, accompanied by several dancers from Alvin Ailey, also all in white.


“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” Many have poked fun at the Met Gala’s seemingly ambiguous theme for 2020 2021-2022—though it was undoubtedly intentionally so. Arguably, the events of the past 18 months made interpreting the theme that much more compelling. Along with Pope’s imagery, the dynamics on display both inside and outside the Met during Monday night’s already controversial event remain a poignant reminder: there have always been two Americas.