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South Carolina officials released Officer Michael Slager’s dash-cam footage from moments before the fatal shooting of Walter Scott. 
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South Carolina authorities have released the police dash-cam video that shows the initial traffic stop and subsequent chase that led to the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, CNN reports. 

While the actual shooting is not shown on the footage, the video from Michael Slager’s patrol car, which was released Thursday, shows the traffic stop and the initial exchange between Slager and Scott.


On the video, Slager walks over to a late-model Mercedes-Benz being driven by Scott. A friend of Scott’s is in the passenger seat. The officer asks Scott for his license and registration. Scott tells the officer that he is in the process of purchasing the vehicle and doesn’t have the official paperwork.

Slager leaves Scott’s vehicle and returns to his patrol car. At one point on the video, Scott opens the driver’s-side door. The officer tells Scott to stay in the car. Moments later, the driver’s-side door opens again and Scott bolts away. Slager gives chase and the two men run out of the dash cam’s range.


CNN reports that the passenger in Scott’s car has been identified as a co-worker and friend of Scott, but his name has not been released.

Justin Bamberg, an attorney for the family, told CNN that delinquent child support issues might have been the reason Scott ran from the officer. According to court records viewed by CNN, Scott owed $18,104.43 in child support and had a bench warrant for his arrest when Slager stopped him. 


“This dash-cam footage does not change the fact that at the moment the officer shot and killed Mr. Scott, that shooting was completely unjustified,” Bamberg told CNN. “And that is the key point of both the criminal investigation and the civil lawsuit.”

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