Kendrick Taylor
WESH Screenshot

Florida Navy veteran Kendrick Taylor was headed to the gym when he heard a 76-year-old woman screaming for help in the Winn-Dixie parking lot. The woman was being robbed, and Taylor and several other good Samaritans rushed to her aid last week in Orange County, Fla., without any regard for their own safety. 

"What if that was my grandmother?" he told WESH 2 News. "When I looked down, I didn't know if he had a knife or a gun. When I saw the lady was so old when he threw her down, she was so fragile, and I knew she needed help."

Authorities say John Zachary DesJardin, 23, was the man who snatched the woman's purse and was on the run until Taylor and the other men chased him down. Taylor slammed the purse snatcher on the ground and held him there until police came.

DesJardin, who was on probation, has been charged with attempted robbery and battery of a person older than 65, according to the news station.


The woman who was attacked suffered minor injuries, and her family told the news station that she is thankful that Taylor and the other men where there to help her.

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