Watch: Boxer Adrien Broner Continues Quest to Become Undisputed Champion of Assholes

Adrien Broner walks back to his corner after the third round against Mikey Garcia during their Junior Welterwight bout on July 29, 2017 at the Barclays Center in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.
Photo: Elsa (Getty Images)

Adrien Broner was once a promising boxer with an oversized personality, now he’s just a mid-level boxer and a world-class asshole. The one-time, self-proclaimed heir to the vacancy left when Floyd Mayweather retired has now been banned from Uber for life after he and some friends harassed and terrorized a driver to Travis Scott featuring Drake “Sicko Mode”.

Instagram story video obtained by TMZ Sports shows the boxer and a friend insisting that the driver turn up the volume on the song. When the driver refuses, someone in the backseat reaches forward to turn up the volume. Once the volume is up, a voice that sounds a lot like Adrien Broner can be heard screaming in the man’s face.


The man who appears visibly shaken by the screaming colored backseat riders pulls the car over, gets out and refuses to drive any further. An Uber official told TMZ Sports that they reviewed the incident and have banned the boxer because he’s an asshole.

This isn’t the first time that Broner has done something like this. Below is some of the boxers best asshole moments which include such hits as throwing his change in the air at Walmart.

And the time won an $800 bet and then threw the man’s winnings out the window.

Or the time he was counting money and realized he had some bills that weren’t hundreds...what did he do? He did what any asshole would’ve done, he flushed them down the toilet.

I don’t even like to use the phrase “toxic masculinity,” but what kind of person turns up to Drake? Drake is not “turn up” music! Drake makes music for when your car is in the shop so your girl has to drop you off at work but you still kinda want to hear some rap. It’s cry-into-your-pillow-until-Keke-replies-to-your-text music! And no, she doesn’t love you, nor is she riding in the back seat of a Lyft with you, you disrespectful bag of boar testicles!


Hopefully, this will serve as a warning to all Lyft drivers. If you spot this guy on your app, tell him you’re don’t pick up assholes ... or Drake fans.

Which is kinda the same thing.

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