Valerie Jarrett Was Called an Ape and Roseanne Barr Lost Her Job, but the Real Victim Here Is Trump

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It took Roseanne Barr a little more than 60 days to destroy the reboot of her ABC show by simply being herself. Roseanne has been, and continues to be, a riled-up, white-supremacist-leaning, conspiracy-theorist-loving, “Make America Great America”-hat-wearing troll on Twitter.


We all know the drill by now: Roseanne tweeted some really vile and racist shit about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett because that’s what “MAGAs” do. Then she got called on it, and ABC took the razor from under its tongue and cut her show off. Roseanne, who swore that she was leaving Twitter, didn’t budge, and why should she, since she is jobless and bitter, which pretty much makes her just like the rest of her “MAGA” brethren. Then Roseanne went on an apology tour and is now trying to reposition herself as a civil rights champion.

I’m not joking. She literally tweeted:

The most baffling position in this entire dustup wasn’t Roseanne being Roseanne; nor was it Jarrett taking the high road and literally being Valerie Jarrett. It wasn’t even the swift canceling of Roseanne’s show. The most baffling position of this entire craziness would have to be President Donald Trump jumping into the fray to make himself the victim.

All of us just knew that the president was going to say something about the cancellation of Trump’s favorite television show, but I didn’t know he’d be centering himself as the biggest victim of it all.

On Wednesday, not only did the president tweet this:


But, then, during her routine press briefing, Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, aka Suckabee, was asked why the president chose to condemn ABC’s apology and not Roseanne’s racist tweet, to which Suckabee noted that the president is the president of all Americans and read a prepared tangent about the lack of apologies that the president had received from ABC.

Suckabee noted that the president never heard from ABC President Bob Iger to apologize for the truthful statements made by ESPN personality Jemele Hill or the truthful tweets posted by sports anchor Keith Olbermann:


Suckabee also included comedians Joy Behar and Kathy Griffin on the list of people who have been critical of the president for good measure. Conservatives immediately took to Twitter to do their whole “but ... but ... but ... ” thing, but in truth, they’ve missed the point.

This isn’t about trying to fire other celebrities for offensive, even possibly racist, language; this is about appeasing a narcissistic orange mass of afterbirth masquerading as a president, who has found a way to make himself a victim even when he’s not been victimized.


In fact, it’s kind of becoming the White House’s best trick.

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It’s amazing that Trump managed to turn this into something about himself. Every damn thing. “Congrats on getting this Medal of Honor. You know, I once received an award for...”