Unique Views, Episode 30: Home Alone

When I was growing up and my mom didn’t feel like cooking, she would tell us to go in there and fix something, which was really code for: “I don’t want to cook and/or we don’t have any food.”

Well, Danielle Young, aka Patti LaDanielle, and I lovingly say to our loyal listeners, “Go in there and fix something,” because we don’t have a guest this episode. But don’t despair. We are still here, so you know what? You’re going to get a full episode of me, Stephen A. Crockett Jr. (the 3rd), and Ms. Patti Patti. And because we collectively can’t stand this administration, we are bonding over hate. Yes, the podcast team that can’t stand each other actually enjoyed coming together to hate the president.

This week, Patti LaDanielle discusses her trip to Hollywood and whether or not she ever gets nervous interviewing big names. Hint: She does. Another hint: Ginuwine!


And I discuss my struggle interview with a Boston radio show after I wrote this article:

You can hear the interview below, but I warn you, I had no idea what the hell I’d gotten myself into:


And as always, we tell you how your week has been Trumped as we go over all the craziness that President Asshat has done.

Enjoy, y’all.

Listen here:


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