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Unique Views, Episode 28: Ginuwine’s Catalog Can Compete With Jodeci’s; Yep, We Said It

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

What it do, y’all? We back at it like a drug habit. It’s your favorite host’s favorite hosts: Stephen A. Crockett Jr. (the 3rd), aka “Lattisaw,” and the most liturgical, dancingest host whose white gloves stay spotless, Ms. Patti LaDanielle, aka Danielle Young.


And I have to jump right in: Danielle totally froze! Ohmigod, it was epic, and in truth, I’ve been there, too. OK, let me back up. This week’s podcast guest is Ginuwine, and he was Danielle’s crush when she was just Lil Ms. Patti Patti.

Anyway, once we got Ginuwine talking, Patti froze! The average listener wouldn’t even pick it up because we are mad professional, but I’m giving y’all the behind-the-scenes lowdown. It went like this: Ginuwine started talking and Ms. Patti Patti couldn’t stop smiling. The smiling turned into the giggles and she was done, LOL.


Nevertheless, I have been dragged for mentioning Ginuwine’s name in the same breath as Jodeci, but I wholeheartedly believe that Ginuwine’s catalog can stand toe-to-toe with Jodeci’s. Please reach out to me on Twitter to debate this. I ain’t scared. These ain’t alternative facts! So it was good to hear Ginuwine’s position on his legacy—and most important part here is that Danielle totally froze up!

We also discussed New Edition and the excellence that was the three-day BET movie New Edition Story. It almost single-handedly scrubbed away all of the butt-naked-women videos of the ’90s. I said almost. We wax on Kurtis Blow’s shade of young New Edition, and I do an awesome Blow impersonation. Danielle does one, too, and it sucks.

And of course we discuss Donald Trump, but don’t get stuck there—because if you don’t remember anything else from this post, remember this: Danielle totally froze! Ohmigod, she became an ice cube.

Quick: What do Ms. Patti Patti and water have in common? They both freeze!

Listen to me own this interview, and listen to Patti LaDanielle do the podcast version of the mannequin challenge.


P.S: Ginuwine is on tour but not on tour. He’s coming to B.B. King’s on Saturday, Jan. 28!

We love you all.

Listen here.


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I’m not rolling, Steve.

Jodeci was everything.

Ginuwine made Pony.