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Black News and Black Views with a Whole Lotta Attitude

Unique Views, Episode 20: Jive Turkey, Featuring Pam Grier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Are you like me?

Have you ever wished that there was a bigger, blacker Netflix for all the blaxploitation movies of the past?

Well, wait no more!

Introducing Brown Sugar, the biggest, baddest, blackest mutha—

Patti LaDanielle: Shut yo’ mouth!

Just talking about Brown Sugar on Bounce TV.

Seriously, the service is dope, free for the first month and a virtual library of blackness. Because of it, the podcast dream team—aka your grandma's favorite sitting pillow, your grandma's favorite holiday gravy and your grandma's favorite satin bonnet—got to talk to the woman, the myth, the legend, Ms. Pam Grier. She’s partnered up with the blackest streaming service there is so that we can all have blaxploitation for our consumption.


This episode started with Ms. Grier saying The Root Social-Content Producer Danielle Young’s name all cool and ’70s-like, and I immediately got jealous. It wasn't my coolest moment, but we only have one the sexiest, baddest, women to beat the s—t—

Ms. Patti-Patti: Shut yo’ mouth!

Just talking about my ingrained jealousy over you and Ms. Grier's connection.

Anyway, I don't waste any time telling Pam that I love her. Because I do. She raised me just like most young men born in the ’70s. Pam is a part of the black family. Just like plastic on the good couches and that painting of a muscular hand reaching down to pull up another muscular hand, Ms. Grier was there through it all.


Turns out she was not on any of the Ohio Players album covers as I suspected (those album covers were also a part of the black American male DNA).

Did I mention that Ms. Grier is amazing? She has done and seen it all. So where is the baddest woman to ever carry a gun in her Afro now?


A farm.

Facts! (In my Bronx voice.)

She grew up on a farm shooting guns and basically being a premovie badass before venturing off to become an actual Hollywood badass.


Somehow in all of this, Danielle and Ms. Grier sing “Shotgun” and I get jealous again.

I don't want to spoil it for our listeners, but Ms. Grier and I are friends now, and the conversation ends with Ms. Grier asking me out on a date and saying that I would be better as a solo podcaster because Patti La Danielle is dead weight.


Danielle: She never said any of this.

Shut yo’ mouth, you jive turkey!

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Stephen A. Crockett Jr. is a senior editor at The Root. Follow him on Twitter.