Tucker Carlson Asked a Trump Campaign Lawyer for Proof and That’s When She Shut Him Down

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It isn’t like hot windbag and white hotep—he even wears bowties—Tucker Carlson to want proof before spouting out wild conspiracy theories in support of his president for life, Donald Trump.


So maybe that’s what scared Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell from appearing on Carlson’s show, Bedroom Time with Baby, on Republican OnlyFans, Fox News.

Carlson claimed on Thursday that Powell “got angry” when he asked her for evidence to support her claims of voter fraud and basically told him to go fuck himself, which wasn’t the first time someone has told him that.

From the Hill:

During a press conference earlier in the day with Rudy Giuliani, Powell made the allegation that Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems used technology developed by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013. She claimed votes were manipulated while being tabulated overseas to favor President-elect Joe Biden.

There is no evidence to the claim that votes were manipulated and it has been criticized by a number of conservative officials, including Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), who on Thursday called it “absolutely outrageous.”

Carlson claimed that he reached out to Powell, asking that she provide evidence to her claims and that he was willing to give her as much time on his show, Don’t I Look Pretty, Daddy, which airs exclusively on Republican PornHub, to make her case.

He said her claim “could amount to the single greatest crime in American history” if it were true, according to the Hill.


“When we kept pressing, she got angry and told us to stop contacting her,” Carlson said. “When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they told us Powell has never given any evidence either. Nor did she provide any today.”

Carlson noted that Powell claimed that electronic voting had been switching votes from Trump to Biden, and you know if this had been true, Carlson would’ve been all over it.


Then Carlson, with a straight face, looked at the viewers of his show, I Hope You Brought Some Syrup?, which can be found on Republican SpankBang, and said: “We care what’s true, and we know you care, too.”

The Hill notes that “Powell responded to Carlson’s comments, telling the Washington Examiner that she encourages journalists to ‘review all the materials’ and ‘conduct their own investigations.’


“Evidence continues to pour in, but a 5 minute television hit is not my focus now. Collecting evidence and preparing the case are my top priorities.”

So you can make these wild-ass claims without any evidence and then claim after you’ve disgraced the entire election process that you are still conducting your own investigation?


The Hill notes that during the now infamous press conference in which Rudy Giuliani’s human face mask began melting, that no one produced any evidence to support any of their wild-ass claims.

Meanwhile, Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris are doing the hard work of debating who won last night’s Verzuz battle between Gucci Mane and Jeezy.

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I mean when Tucker won’t give you oxygen you know it is bad. I mean these brain dead cretins should thank their lucky stars that SNL is on hiatus this week. From Rudy sweating Soul Glo down his face to the shit show that was the WH press breifing today these guys have provided enough material to last three seasons. God can they all just go the fuck away? We know at this point he is looking for a pardon & he is throwing all this shit up against the wall hoping he gets one. The more annoying he is the more people are inclined to let him leave just so we don’t have to hear from him & his ilk anymore.