Trump's Whole Team Is Trash: Top Adviser Hosted White Nationalist at Birthday Party

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow participates in a TV interview on the White House grounds April 6, 2018, in Washington, D.C.
Photo: Alex Wong (Getty Images)

Stop me if you didn’t see this coming, but one of the president’s top advisers hosted the publisher of a website that posts white nationalist commentary. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just call it a white nationalist website, it’s because it isn’t fully a white nationalist website; it’s white nationalist-adjacent. If white nationalism is J-Lo, then this website is A-Rod. The point is that this is just another feather in the already full cap of the president who totally kicks it with white nationalists.

According to the Washington Post, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow had a birthday party at his home and anti-immigration and keep-the-world white proponent Peter Brimelow attended. If you’re wondering why the name Peter Brimelow sounds familiar, let me take you back a bit.


Remember when the White House fired speechwriter Darren Beattie for attending a panel with a white nationalist? Well, that was Peter Brimelow. Yep, the same Peter Brimelow that attended Kudlow’s birthday bash.

Kudlow swears that he had no idea that Brimelow is a white nationalist.

“I’ve known Peter Brimelow as a financial journalist,” Kudlow told ABC News. “That’s how I knew him. He wouldn’t tell me [about his views], because I’m the wrong guy. I’m a Jack Kemp guy, my history is opposite of that. It’s crazy.”


“If I had known I wouldn’t have invited him. I was very sad and troubled to learn he has gone in that direction,” Kudlow added. “It was a large party, who could know. I couldn’t know. It was too bad.”

Hmmmm. I’m not buying this considering Kudlow’s birthday party was a day after Beattie was fired.


The White House did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment on Kudlow’s association with Brimelow.

“He’s not going to be invited to any parties anymore,” Kudlow told ABC News. “I’m a civil rights Republican.”


LOL ...

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