Trump’s Latest Tweet Proves Russia Investigation Is Heating Up

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin
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One thing I’ve learned since President Donald Trump took office is that he isn’t even remotely sophisticated. A benefit that we—those of us who didn’t vote for Trump—have is that because he wears his emotions, as well as his presidential number, on his sleeve—we see you, 45!

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On Tuesday the president finished up his morning ritual of burning Barack Obama photos and slathering pig blood across his stomach before tweeting quotes from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite news network:


He ended his tweet storm with an obnoxious all-caps tweet like only this president can:


What does all of this prove? That special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the president’s collusion with Russia must be heating up. So far, Mueller’s investigation has led to charges against Trump’s campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, his aide Rick Gates, former foreign policy adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign George Papadopoulos and Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn. All four men have pleaded guilty to various charges.

Mueller has also charged Russian lawyer Alex van der Zwaan, who reportedly lied to federal investigators in the Russia probe in federal court on Feb. 16. He also pleaded guilty. Then there is Richard Pinedo, a California man who used stolen identities to sell bank accounts to Russians meddling in the election. Pinedo pleaded guilty, too. And let’s not forget the 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies that were indicted in February for allegedly interfering in the 2016 election. That’s a ton of people to be charged, most of whom have already pleaded guilty, if there is no there there.


But why this tweet today, you ask? And why the obnoxious all caps? Could it have something to do with Trump’s fake daughter?

On Tuesday, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is set to met with members of the House Intelligence Committee, CNN reports. In a closed-door interview, Hicks will be grilled as part of a separate investigation into alleged Russia interference in the 2016 election. Yes, there are multiple investigations into possible Russia collusion because, well, Russia colluded.


Hicks served as a spokesperson for Trump’s campaign in 2016 before moving into her new role. Trump doesn’t like when people mess with “Hopester,” as he affectionately calls her. Clearly, Trump is worried that all of the Russian walls are closing in around him. You can always tell, whenever someone goes all caps, that they’ve been triggered, and clearly this happened to Trump this morning. I assume that he tweeted this right before his morning ritual of sacrificing a baby goat and poking pins in his stuffed Obama doll.


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How tiny is Putin? Trump looks like a big headed, small fingered, half dead, orange T-Rex next to him and his pin-head.

It’d be swell if Trump, McConnel, Paul and Pence went to jail at the end of this. Javanka too.