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Trump's 'Executive Time' Just Got Serious as the President Has Purchased a $50,000 Golf Simulator: Report

Illustration for article titled Trumps Executive Time Just Got Serious as the President Has Purchased a $50,000 Golf Simulator: Report
Photo: Leon Neal (Getty Images)

President Lazy Thot has gone from heading to the golf course to bringing the golf course to the White House, having had a room-sized golf simulator installed to allow his lazy ass to play virtual rounds when he’s not napping.


According to The Washington Post, Trump replaced former President Obama’s less sophisticated golf simulator, which was less sophisticated because the former president was actually busy doing presidential shit.

A White House official who spoke with the Post on the condition of anonymity noted that Trump paid for the system and the installation personally.


From The Post:

President Trump has built his schedules around long blocks of “executive time” — unstructured periods in the day where the president’s schedules show no official meetings. He often spends this time watching TV, tweeting, holding impromptu meetings and making phone calls, aides have said.

The news outlet Axios examined three months of Trump’s schedules, and found that “Executive Time” accounted for 60 percent of his scheduled hours. Axios said that Trump usually did not leave his residence for the Oval Office until about 11 a.m.

Trump has responded that he uses the time productively. “When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing,” he tweeted shortly after the Axios report.

The White House official said Trump has not used his new golf simulator during executive time — or at all since it was put in.

Since taking office, the president has spent about 139 days on an actual golf course at clubs he owns, because he’s not only a lazy AF, but he continues to monetize his presidency by visiting his own spots. If nothing else, the press has to cover that the president is heading to one of those grossly gaudy estates he owns, costing taxpayers over $72 million.

The Post notes that after the Trump government shutdown that ran 35 days, Trump took his longest golf course break some 69 days, the longest of his presidency.


The Post couldn’t confirm whether or not Trump purchased the TrackMan Golf simulator but noted that three of his 16 golf courses own the simulators.

If you’ve ever been to any of those adult gaming places, you’ve seen these machines, which basically work by hitting a real golf ball against a huge flexible screen. “Sensors track the speed, spin and path of the ball. Then, the computer takes over. It transforms that real shot into a virtual one, and shows the ball soaring over fairways (or dinosaur skeletons) toward the hole,” The Post reports.

The Post notes that the whole setup cost around $50,000 and takes about an hour to play solo. If Ben Carson and Lindsey Graham are also playing, it would take about five hours because the game would be stopped to allow for Graham and Carson to continuously compliment the president on his strong swing and the manliness of his back.

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Old white guy

So the president paid 50k to put this in, but hasn’t used it once?

Oh, right, because hardest workingpresident ever! Also the least racist. And he’s an expert on everything, including that painting the border wall would make it look nicer.

He’s a freakin renaissance man! He’s Leonardo da Vinci of the 21st century!

Minot only that, according to his doctor, he’s also the perfect man from da Vinci’s drawings. Except the penis. Himself is much bigger. Hung like a horse, I believe.