Trump’s at G-20, so You Know That Means He’s Tweeting Again

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President Donald Trump reminds me of myself when I was in junior high school and didn’t have a girlfriend. Let me explain. I’d started a new school my eighth-grade year and I didn’t want to come in single, so I would make up stories about said girlfriend—who did exist, but we weren’t dating. Trump is currently running this line during G-20 because he’s the new kid in school and wants people to believe his lies.

Currently, Trump wants everyone to believe that world leaders at the G-20 summit are as obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s emails as he is. Trump tweeted:


Which is highly unlikely, for several reasons. The first reason that needs to be pointed out is that no one outside of Fake News Fox News and this Big Baller Brand administration gives a shit about Clinton’s emails. But this is what you do when you are obsessed and don’t have many friends outside of the internet: You make up stuff to sound cool, the same way I did in eighth grade.

Probably doesn’t help the president any to see that his tweet was debunked by New York Times writer Glenn Thrush shortly after it was posted:

Also doesn’t help that no one believes this president.


I guess a modern-day president looks a lot like me in the eighth grade, and I don’t know who should feel more ashamed.

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