Trump Walks Out of Meeting Claiming He Can’t Work With Democratic Leaders as Long as He’s Being Investigated

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President Trump continues to govern like a spoiled rich kid plays football.

We all know this kid—the one who has the brand new K-2 football signed by Russell Wilson who wants to play with everyone but only if everyone follows his rules. The kid that doesn’t want to play tackle and will get mad if tagged too hard. The kid that will get frustrated if he doesn’t score a touchdown. The kid that will end the game completely by taking his ball and going home if his team doesn’t win. The kid that eventually gets pushed to the ground because who can play football like this?


Well, the president is that kid and on Wednesday, Democratic leaders went to the White House only for the president to pull a Lucy and take his ball and go home, telling Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that he’d love to talk infrastructure with them but he has no plans on working with Democrats while they continue to investigate his administration, CNN reports.

Scuttlebutt surrounding why Trump abruptly walked out is that the president was reportedly fuming after Pelosi held a closed-door meeting with House Democrats and then claimed shortly after leaving that meeting that the president was participating in a “coverup” by preventing Congress from gathering information or compelling members of Trump’s administration to testify.

Trump then held an impromptu gathering in the Rose Garden where he explained that he’d love to take on infrastructure because he believes he’d “be good at it” but he won’t be able to do it because Democrats just won’t stop looking into the corruption that he clearly participated in.

“I’ve said from the beginning—right from the beginning—you probably can’t go down two tracks,” Trump said in last-minute remarks in the Rose Garden. “You can go down the investigation track or you can go down the investment track.”

“I walked into the room and I told Sen. Schumer, Speaker Pelosi, I want to do infrastructure,” he said. “But you can’t do it under these circumstances.”

He said the message to the lawmakers was “get these phony investigations over with,” CNN reports.


Sounds a lot like let me score a touchdown and then we can keep playing, doesn’t it?

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


In just the last 48 hours:

  • DOJ has agreed to provide the intel committees with intelligence files from the Mueller investivgation.
  • A Federal judge has a hearing today on the subpoenas to Capital One and Deutsche Bank.
  • The Michael Cohen search warrants have been publicly released.
  • NY State has passed a law to provide Congress with Trump’s state taxes.

The noose is tightening around his flabby neck and he knows it.