Trump Just Gave the Most Racist Compliment to a Hispanic-American Border Patrol Agent

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President Trump doesn’t see anyone nonwhite as American. Full stop. Because of this, Trump unintentionally gave the most racist compliment in the history of America. I say unintentionally because I truly believe that Trump thinks this is a compliment. In Trump’s mind—which is filled with the passcodes to Russian porn websites, his Door Dash order for KFC and coordinates for all of the Obamas vacationing plans—knighting a nonwhite person with the white approval sword of “perfect English” is a compliment.


It’s not. It’s racist. And, it also isn’t funny.

During a White House ceremony on Monday, the president was honoring those who enforce immigration laws.

“Just over a week ago, a human smuggler was arrested in Laredo for locking, and really locking, a horrible 78 illegal aliens inside of a trailer,” Trump said, the New York Post reports.

“The border patrol agent who caught the accused and likely, really saved many lives, he’s here with us,” Trump added, calling out for ‘Adrian.’

Border Patrol agent Adrian Anzaldua stood up to receive his applause.

“Thank you, that’s a lot of lives. That’s great,” Trump went on. “Adrian come here, I want to ask you a question … you’re not nervous right?” the president asked and then turned to the crowd and noted, “Speaks perfect English.”


Yep, that shit happened. It’s disheartening that the president of people who buy regular trucks and then put massive wheels on them, would take a moment of pride and diminish it to a moment of embarrassing, racist rhetoric. See the joke is supposed to be that because Adrian Anzaldua is Hispanic that he shouldn’t be able to speak the language ... Funny, right?

Yeah, if you’re racist.

That’s what racism does. It seeps its way into your skin, into your blood to the point that you don’t know when and if you’re actually being racist. Claims like, “one of my closest friends is black” to a racist actually serves as proof that they aren’t, in fact, racist. That’s how convoluted the whole thing can be. Trump is a racist and he’s the worst kind of racist because he truthfully believes in his KFC-greased clogged heart that he isn’t a racist.


But Trump wasn’t done there. For some odd reason, maybe because his mind is stuffed with visions of rolled up Forbes magazines and ways to fuck over Jeff Bezos, he couldn’t get his acronyms straight. On more than one occasion, the president of people that sit on public toilets called the “CBP—Customs and Border Protection—the ‘CBC,’ an acronym that in Washington stands for the Congressional Black Caucus,” the Post reports.

And of course because Trump had a captive audience listening to his word vomit, he had to take a moment to stick it to the Democrats, because that’s the kind of petty world we live in now.


Trump was freestyling about his tough stance on immigration when he added: “We have a little opposition called the Democrats,” Trump said. “I guess they don’t mind crime, they don’t mind crime, it’s pretty sad.”

And because New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been critical of Trump, noting that the country was never great, and, most recently calling him the “Great divider in chief,” President Petty used this opportunity to swing back.


“Any politician who puts criminal aliens before American citizens should find a new line of work because it’s not going to work,” Trump said. “And any politicians who get up and say that our country was never great. You heard that? I think that’s the end of that career.”

Think Trump was finished? Well, you’d be wrong. He closed noting that all of those who opposed the no-tolerance border policy that has lead to thousands of migrant children being stripped from their loved ones at the border are “open-borders extremists” and “radicals.”


“They have no courage, they have no guts, they just have big loud mouths,” Trump said, according to the Post.

This is the new world that we are living in. Thank you America, and by America I mean the 53 percent of white women who consider Oprah Winfrey to be their closest black friend and voted against their own self interest for the president of people who kiss dogs in the mouth.

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So funny that “speaking perfect English” is a compliment from a guy that does anything but.