Trump Is So Obsessed With Being Loved That He’s Willing to Steal Praise He Didn’t Earn

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I think it was his mother. It had to be.

Someone in Trump’s family had to help make him this way. His father left him a fortune. So it had to be his mother. Maybe she didn’t hug him enough. Maybe she just got tired of his lies. Maybe she couldn’t stand him melting his orange Crayons and painting his face. Either way, Trump is obsessed with being loved so much so that he’s willing to steal love meant for other folks.


On Tuesday, the saddest president in the loneliest White House tweeted:

That’s right, if anyone is loving these local politicians, they need to remember that it was Trump who literally had nothing to do with their successes but would like to weasel in on their accomplishments because this is what happens when your wife has a boyfriend. This is what happens when she won’t answer your Mother’s Day phone calls and refuses to come back to the White House until you change the coffin sheets that have orange food coloring all over them.

On a scale of Eddie King saying “I still got it” to Celie before the reunion how fucking sad is this tweet?

The funniest part of all of this is shock jock Howard Stern, who is probably the closest thing Trump has to an actual friend, pointed out Tuesday that the people who actually love the president, voters who show up to his dumb-ass rallies, are people that Trump fucking hates.

“The people who are voting for Trump for the most part…he wouldn’t even let them in a f–king hotel,” said Stern, adding that Trump would be “disgusted by them,” the New York Post reports.


“Go to Mar-a-Lago, see if there’s any people who look like you,” he said. “I’m talking to you in the audience.”

And Stern is right. Trump has always tried to buddy up with the 1 percent. Just look at the insane tax breaks he gives them, and yet, the 1 percent hates him. He acts as if he’s a good ole boy but the only thing he and his constituents have in common is racism. He’s basically King Joffrey Baratheon, an evil boy who wants to be loved but instead, he’s merely tolerated and appeased because he’s in power and everyone is just trying to keep him from going nuclear.


Below is a live look at Trump, the real Trump, before he’s taken his nap.

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kidelo (i have a tiktok)

Mary Trump became ill after the birth of Trump’s younger sibling. Trump was but a toddler, and Mommy was swept away to the hospital where she remained very ill for months. So ill, in fact, that Trump’s older sister was told by Fred Trump to ‘go to school, and if her mother died, he would come and get her.’

So, at an age where mothering is critical, Trump had worse than no mother. He had a mother that he was constantly on the precipice of losing. His father was detached and emotionless. His siblings frightened and depressed. Trump’s care was left to paid help.

So yeah, your opening paragraph is unintentionally correct. It probably didn’t help that he was essentially unloveable, either.