Trump Is Insane and This Interview Proves It

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

President Donald Trump not only continues to imply that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his phone when Trump was a candidate, but when pressed for proof—which everyone, including his staff, knows doesn’t exist—Trump grew angry and ended the interview.


CBS News reporter John Dickerson asked the president if former presidents, including Obama, had given him advice on what to expect since becoming president, Raw Story reports. Trump, being the habitual assclown that he is, saw the opportunity to take minor digs at Obama.

“He was very nice to me, but after that, we’ve had some difficulties,” said Trump. “So, it doesn’t matter. You know, words are less important to me than deeds, and you saw what happened with surveillance.”


Dickerson then asked Trump for evidence—you know, proof of these claims he continuously makes that the former president wiretapped him during his 2016 presidential campaign—and Trump grew angry, insisting, “Our side has been proven very strongly.”

Dickerson then stated what everyone besides Trump seems to be willing to admit: Nothing has been proved. Nothing!

“I just wanted to find out,” Dickerson said. “You’re the president of the United States. You said [Obama] was sick and bad.”

Trump then went full-on black dad before a street fight, invoking the phrase, “You can take it how you want to take it.” I. Can’t. With. This. Man.


After that, Dickerson basically said, “Look, we don’t want to be called fake news for reporting something wrong and you’re the president. And as a reporter, I shouldn’t have to take it anyway, since I’m in front of the president who keeps making these fictitious claims.” And that’s when Trump ended the interview because, of course, his orange ass did.

Read more at Raw Story.

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This man could not dishonor his office any more were he to drop his drawers and take a dump right on the Oval Office desk.