Trump Is Having a Rough Few Days

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Poor Donald J. Trump.

Not only did his former consigliere sit in front of Congress and call him a liar and a racist, but his bae-cation with side piece and leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, ended without an actual agreement.


It must be hard being the president—especially a president who didn’t want to be president and who was basically only running for president to build his brand. Now that Trump is president and no longer actually running Evil Inc., he has had to watch as the wall he built around himself, the wall that Congress didn’t approve, is being torn down bit by bit. Almost everyone near the president has quit or is going to prison. The White House is running on a bare-bones crew and no, that isn’t a shot at Kellyanne Conway. Each one of the president’s last few stunts to try and bring some love back to the White House have all ended badly.

Remember that fiasco that was the government shutdown? The president has been looking for a win ever since he tried to play hardball with a real gangster, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, for his dumbass wall that no one wanted. In the end, Pelosi not only came out looking like Suge Knight but the president got nothing. His emergency declaration to steal money from other departments to spend on his wall isn’t going anywhere and his second summit with Jong Un to denuclearize North Korea was not only upstaged by his former hitman’s testimony before Congress, but it literally ended early after the president realized he wasn’t going to get anything that he wanted.

Trump is still touting the leftover effects of Obama’s presidency to claim as his own when he shouts about the economy, unemployment rates and the stock market. But the truth is, since taking office, the president hasn’t claimed a single win for himself or his base. He needed to be the president that denuclearized North Korea for his own well-being; what happened Wednesday is a stark reminder that the president is not only despised, but people also want to see him taken down, gloriously.

Trump can’t keep taking Ls, especially during tax season when the middle class—all those Midwestern and Southerners who voted for Trump—are realizing that their tax returns are looking a lot like their GPAs. If Wednesday showed us anything, it’s that the man who hailed himself as a great negotiator got played by a second-class dictator while his former fixer fixed his ass up quite nicely.

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The White House is running on a bare-bones crew and no, that isn’t a shot at Kellyanne Conway.