Trump Ignores Michigan Attorney General, Refuses to Wear Mask While Touring Ford Plant, and We Know Why He Won’t

Here is a photo of the president holding the mask that he owns but won’t wear.
Here is a photo of the president holding the mask that he owns but won’t wear.
Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI (Getty Images)

The Michigan attorney general doesn’t have time for Trump’s maskless fuckshit and told him that he has a “legal responsibility”—under state law—to wear a mask when he visits a Ford Motor Co. factory Thursday, or he should not come back to visit factories.

“I ask that while you are on tour you respect the great efforts of the men and women at Ford—and across this state—by wearing a facial covering,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel wrote in an open letter to Trump (pdf) Wednesday.


Trump visited the Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti on Thursday. The plant has a policy of requiring masks, and the company said it had informed the White House about that policy, CNBC reports.

And what did the president do? He toured the plant without wearing a mask because he’s an asshole, and as such, assholes are going to asshole. It’s just kind of the way.

To be honest, Trump has been making this all up as he goes. He’s yet to wear a mask since the coronavirus pandemic hit; he’s advocated bringing sunlight inside the body and consuming household disinfectants; and not only has he been advocating for but allegedly he is consuming (he ain’t taking that shit) the “miracle” drug that only he believes is a miracle, hydroxychloroquine.

Some Republicans would argue that Trump is currently pushing to open the country to jump start America’s struggling economy so he doesn’t want to appear weak or worried by wearing a mask, but Republicans are also assholes so what the fuck do that know.


I didn’t want to expose the president but his refusal to sign some kind of act that sends me money has forced my hand: The real reason President Trump doesn’t want to wear a mask is because it will totally fuck up his face makeup. I know a lot about face makeup. I can’t tell you the number of old ladies who have fucked up my good church shirts with their face makeup during their ungodly hugs. He knows that if he wears a mask, he runs the risk of putting mask lines all through his KKW Beauty concealer.

The president claimed while visiting the Ford plant, that he did wear a mask and a face guard, which he took off so that he wouldn’t give the press the pleasure of seeing him look like a regular person wearing a mask and a face guard. Instead, he’d rather look like an asshole refusing to wear a mask because white supremacists (aka Trump’s base) respect assholes (see Costco guy). He even showed the press the presidential mask and handed his face guard to a cameraman for some reason before walking away from the press and back to the tour looking just like the asshole that he is.

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

It is exactly that. That shit is cult of personalty 101. He’s living the life so many of his fanbase wants, to fuck porn stars, to be openly racist, to eat whatever the fuck he wants, as much as he wants, to have the power to erase a nation within fifteen minutes, to say “I want that” and get it, to be able to ‘trigger teh libs’ and even break the law, repeatedly in all sorts of ways and not go to jail.

His ego as a whole will not allow him to show weakness. He’s always viewed himself as some sort of Alpha billionaire that can do whatever the fuck he wants and after proving that the road to becoming Commander and Chief is a joke politically, he has in turn ensured that the next Trump will be worse then he is, but as long as they ‘act presidential’ everyone will gush and praise him.