Trump Claims Michael Cohen’s Book Proposal Was a ‘Love Letter’ to Him

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After his failed summit in North Korea, President Donald Trump claimed Friday that his former hitman shopped a book that not only gushed about what a great man and leader that Trump was, but claimed it was a “love letter” to him.


Because Trump is back in the United States and therefore has nothing to do, he’s back on Twitter, rage-tweeting like normal.

“Congress must demand the transcript of Michael Cohen’s new book, given to publishers a short time ago,” Trump tweeted. “Your heads will spin when you see the lies, misrepresentations and contradictions against his Thursday testimony. Like a different person! He is totally discredited!”

Cohen told the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, that Trump was a “racist,” “con man” and liar. Cohen also testified that “Trump used his inner circle to cover up politically damaging allegations about sex and lied throughout the 2016 election campaign about his business interests in Russia,” the Associated Press reports.


Trump believes that the manuscript of the book will prove that Cohen lied before the committee and that Cohen is dishonest.

From AP:

Reports last year indicated Cohen was shopping a book, one favorable about Trump, and that Cohen had an agreement with a Hachette Book Group imprint before his legal troubles ended the deal.

A person familiar with negotiations confirmed Cohen’s book was submitted for auction, and that Hachette discussed an offer, but didn’t reach a deal. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the person wasn’t authorized to speak on the record.


Cohen has never denied that he was in bro-love with Trump, in fact, the disbarred former fixer for Trump told Congress that he was enamored by Trump’s power so it’s fitting that he pitched a book talking about the muscle structure of Trump’s back during his golf swing and the full shape of his anus mouth when spouting racists slurs. Basically, this is the part of the movie where the fat rat who paints his skin orange and wears a man’s lacefront calls the other rat that looks like a basset hound a liar.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



*shrug* He used to stan for him,now he doesn’t;hell,does that mean Trump’s been lying the whole time about Hillary (short answer:yes) since they used to kick it back in the day?

Amazing-for someone who acts like he can’t stand her,he is literally standing next to her.