Trump Calls Omarosa a Crazed Lowlife 'Dog.' We Need to Talk About Your Boy

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The war between a messy, messtastic orange mound of messiness and Omarosa Manigault Newman is heating up. After learning that the former White House aide and executive incense lighter Omarosa called her former boss a racist in the late stages of mental decline in her new book Unhinged, the president took to Twitter to prove her right.


After asking one of the help with spelling, the president tweeted:

Here are a couple of things we automatically know from this tweet: first, Trump absolutely wanted to call her a “bitch” because that’s how he speaks. He’s a vengeful misogynist who has proven that he’s not above this type of language, and he clearly wades in these waters. He has a history of degrading women. He’s on record for calling women “fat pigs, dogs and slobs.” Remember when Megyn Kelly tried to ask then-candidate Trump about his treatment of women? Later he went to Fox News and claimed that Kelly had it in for him.

“There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump said.

In 2005, he was caught on tape admitting to sexually assaulting women by “grabbing them by the pussy”—claims he later described as “locker room talk.” Yet, none of this stopped the 53 percent of white women from voting for him while dawning pink pussy hats. But I digress.

The point is that the president of the United States of America is normalizing hate for women from the highest office in the land, and that’s not only problematic and disgusting, it’s changing America’s course.


As The Root staff writer Michael Harriot asked, “Is this the make America great again part?”

Second, there is something old South, “Becky, hand me my shotgun” sounding about the use of the term dog. Maybe because “dog” as a pejorative always feels like it should be associated with a rabid dog that needs to be put down.


Third, the president of the United States spends way too much time on Twitter, and at this point, I want someone in the White House to limit his Twitter usage to maybe two hours a day. I’m sure someone is there watching his Diet Coke intake and his KFC buckets; maybe that person could give him a LeapFrog tablet to play with and take his phone away.

Fourth, Omarosa is no saint. She was complicit in everything that the president was doing until she was cast out of the castle. She’d become the black face in blackface for the administration to parade as the good Negro that gets it (See Kanye West and Dak Prescott as the new Omarosas.) But there has to be a line and no matter where that line is, the president continues to cross it.


The expectation used to be that the president of the United States serves as an example of what we are at our best, but it’s clear that Trump is all of the backwash left in the bottle of what America once was.

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I am no fan of Omarosa, and I won’t be buying or reading her book.