Trump Believes Giving Black Voters Access to Voting Is Stealing the Election

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President Trump doesn’t want people to mail in votes and he doesn’t want a Los Angeles suburb with a large black population’s votes to count. I’m starting to think that the president of the United States doesn’t want black people to vote in the upcoming election. It’s almost as if he’s a dishonest racist who is trying to steal the election. That can’t be it, can it?


Over the weekend, Trump found time to insert himself into “the special election in California’s 25th Congressional District, which was vacated by former Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., who resigned last fall,” Salon reports.

The president believes that California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is trying to steal the election by opening a new polling site in Lancaster.

“So in California, the Democrats, who fought like crazy to get all mail-in only ballots, and succeeded, have just opened a voting booth in the most Democrat area in the State,” Trump tweeted, Salon reports. “They are trying to steal another election. It’s all rigged out there. These votes must not count. SCAM!”

Salon notes Lancaster is not the “most Democrat area” in California. “The city’s mayor, Rex Parris, is a Republican. Lancaster is also represented by two Republicans in the state legislature, The Washington Post noted.”

What’s probably upsetting Trump the most is that the new polling area is located in a large African-American population, and we know how Trump feels about “the blacks.” While Trump believes that opening a polling place in a black neighborhood is a direct attack on his administration, it turns out that the move was really just to allow black folks who didn’t have a polling place in their district the right to vote easily.

And, Parris, the Republican mayor, who quite possibly believes that black people are his constituents as well, supported the move.


“This is something the county should fix immediately,” Parris told a local news outlet last week, Salon reports. “There should not be even the appearance of affecting the outcome by limiting the ability to vote.”

Democratic candidate Christy Smith, a state assemblywoman, said in response to Trump’s tweet put it plainly:

“The president doesn’t want a majority African American, Latino community to vote. In CA we believe in expansive voting rights. We also believe in states’ rights. Why don’t you Mr. President?”


The Democratic Party tried to explain to Trump’s racist ass, “expanding voting access is NOT stealing an election, contrary to what Republicans in Washington may believe.”

In another tweet, Trump complained that the race was “rigged” in another tweet because the election is “supposed to be mail-in ballots only.”


What the president doesn’t understand is that the race wasn’t supposed to be a mail-in only election; the state merely encouraged voters to cast ballots by mail assuming the stay-in-place orders were still active.

“Newsom announced last week that the state would send every voter a mail-in ballot for November’s elections, a move which likewise drew complaints from the president,” Salon notes


Just last month the president argued: “I think that mail-in voting is a terrible thing. I think if you vote, you should go ...There’s a lot of dishonesty going on with mail-in voting, mail-in ballots.”

The president doesn’t care for black people. He can’t stand black people exercising and he surely doesn’t care for black people exercising their right to vote. Basically, the president hates black people.

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Trump knows he lost the popular (real) vote in 2016. He’s been burping up accusations of voter fraud for years and the only people they found guilty of it were Republicans. He can’t win if he doesn’t cheat (just like in golf).