Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Is Willing to Eat Trump's Tax Returns to Keep Democrats From Seeing Them

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin addresses a conference on financial technology, or fintech, at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation April 24, 2019 in Arlington, Virginia.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin addresses a conference on financial technology, or fintech, at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation April 24, 2019 in Arlington, Virginia.
Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

On Monday, the Trump administration rejected House Democrats request to turn over the president’s tax returns, which is funny considering that Satan’s favorite orange pair of slippers has stated several times that he couldn’t turn over his taxes because he was being audited. Well, it turns out that being audited doesn’t prevent the president from releasing his tax returns so he should be jumping at the chance to show us his taxes...shouldn’t he?


Well, the president who sleeps in a Nikola Volkoff T-shirt, a ushanka and “I love Vladmir Putin” underwear has refused to show his taxes because most likely there will be Russian rubbles all over that shit.

Doesn’t matter since Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has vowed a blood oath to the president and is willing to eat Trump’s tax returns just to keep them out of the hands of Democrats.

Mnuchin claims that the insistence by Dems to see how far down the illegal money hole Trump goes raises “serious constitutional questions” and that lawmakers do not have a “legitimate” reason for seeking President Donald Trump’s filings, Politico reports.

“The Supreme Court has held that the Constitution requires that Congressional information demands must reasonably serve a legitimate legislative purpose,” Mnuchin wrote in a one-page letter to House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass).

“I have determined that the Committee’s request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose” and “the Department is therefore not authorized to disclose the requested returns.”

Politico notes that Mnuchin refusal to turn over Trump’s taxes comes as no surprise since the Treasury has already ignored two deadlines to hand over all of the president’s tax filings.


From Politico:

The spotlight now shifts back to Neal, who has been spearheading the push to unmask Trump’s long-concealed returns. He has not explained how he intends to proceed, though Democrats have said they expect the issue to be decided by the courts.

In a statement, he said: “I will consult with counsel and determine the appropriate response.”

Neal could issue a subpoena to compel Mnuchin to produce the returns or seek a court order to force the administration to comply with the demand.

The administration has an incentive, and a chance, to stall by tying up the issue in court until after next year’s elections, in hopes that Republicans retake the House.


Trump’s taxes are going to get caught up in the courts as Mnuchin is relying on the Justice Department, which is run by Evil Fred Flintstone-face William Barr, who’s already gone on record as being a Trump guy, to come down with a legal decision.

The agency “has informed us that it intends to memorialize its advice in a published legal opinion as soon as practicable,” Mnuchin’s letter noted.


Also from Politico:

Democrats are relying on a 1924 law that allows the heads of Congress’ tax committees to examine anyone’s tax returns. They are demanding six years worth of his personal and business filings. Democrats intend to release at least some of Trump’s tax information if they get hold of it, a move experts say the tax-writing committee could make with a vote in closed session.

Forcibly releasing a president’s private tax information would be highly unusual, though Democrats say drastic steps are necessary with Trump defying a decades-old tradition of presidents and White House contenders voluntarily releasing their returns. Lawmakers have a laundry list of questions about Trump’s finances they hope his filings will help answer, including whether he has any involvement with Russian interests and how much he pays in taxes.


Republicans continue to ignore the fact that Russia hacked our election and instead are focusing on the Democrats’ push to see Trump’s taxes as an invasion of privacy and not an attempt to determine which team Trump’s playing for.

All of this is likely headed to the courts, and depending on who you ask, this could go either way. Some believe the Democrats will prevail because the Treasury secretary’s job is to hand over the president’s taxes should they be asked for, not to determine whether or not Congress has justifiable legal reasoning to ask for them. Others argue that Democrats are merely playing politics and only want the president’s tax returns so they can look through them for bits they can make public.


But if Trump is to be applauded for one thing, it looks like he’s picked an elite team of cock blockers who are willing to do everything they can, including bend the law to make sure he stays insulated.

Also, and this is equally important, Steve Mnuchin looks like Phyllis Diller and the ventriloquist doll Madame had a male child.

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